Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Week is a Long Time in Politics

Obama will win the US Presidential election on November 4th and do so easily. McCain, who I see as a decent if naïve veteran living out his dream but doing so from an age other than that in which he is living, is simply showing he is not up to it. First, he really doesn’t understand the underlying issues of the US economic challenge. Second, he has demonstrated poor judgment in his choice of Sarah Palin (and by doing so, revitalized Saturday Night Live, which is a good thing). Finally, he has little to offer other than decency.

Harper has won a quiet victory here in Canada. A strengthened minority government, a Liberal party in confusion about its future – leaderless, cash strapped and in decline - they will be distracted now by their own issues for some time to come – and a clear demonstration that green politics are back door politics for Canadians.

In Britain, where I was last week, Gordon Brown has been transformed from village idiot to super-hero and is widely applauded for being truly audacious. Nationalizing banks (not just failing banks, but big ones), taking command of the economy and seeking to fundamentally reinvent capitalism – the “old” ambitions of the labour party fulfilled in a week. Not only that, but recognition world-wide for his inspiring leadership.

It was Harold Wilson who coined the phrase “a week is a long time in politics”. As we can see, he was right.

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