Friday, October 03, 2008

Dandy Mandy is Back at the Party!

Crickey! Gordon Brown has confounded everyone and shuffled his cabinet. In a very dramatic move, he has brought back Peter Mandelson, the key figure in the founding of New Labour alongside Tony Blair, to be his Secretary of State for Business. He was Trade Commissioner for the EU – he will be given a seat in the House of Lords (what him ask for an interesting title). Talk about shaking things up – this will do it.

Blair fired Mandelson twice for basically being very silly. The first time was over not disclosing a major loan from a colleague, which he used to buy a very nice and extremely expensive apartment in London. On the second occasion it was for not being exactly straight with Blair about his role in a passport application for the Hinduja brothers. He was later cleared of any wrongdoing, having being accused of misconduct.
You can just imagine how miserable this makes the “old” labour crowd who saw Gordon as their hope of restoring the party to their pre Blair glory or to those who had leadership ambitions. Watch these developments closely – other news will follow.

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