Monday, September 15, 2008

Three Elections?

So our elections are getting interesting.

First to Britain. A group of Labour MP’s have been stirring it up for Gordon Brown trying to create the momentum for a leadership contest leading into next weeks Labour Party conference. All the players who are out of the closet are minor players – no major challenger has emerged and likely candidates continue, in public at least, to back Gordon.

But things don’t look good for the dour Scot who has lost his way. If the party stands behind him right up to 2010, then Labour will sink into deep opposition for fifteen to twenty years. Good news for the Liberals, who are meeting this week.

Here are home, Stephen Harper looks like getting a majority, albeit slim. Dion, the unspeakable leader of the opposition, is not getting anywhere and the winner of the first week of activity was Danny Williams, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. Though he is not up for election, he gave the most intelligence and belligerent speech of the week opposing Stephen Harper. Elizabeth May’s tape of her calling Canadian’s “stupid” is getting good play – she denies saying it, but she is fibbing – shows what contempt these green evangelists have for the public (typical liberal fascist).

In the US, McCain continues to lead Obama who just is not getting traction. Its early days yet, and the difference is just 2% points (well within the margin of error). It will all come down to organization and weather on the day. Fancy, the future of the free world hangs on wind, water and snow.

Go to for the latest cloud thinking on all of these elections.

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