Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Green Shift

Despite good advice, it looks like we are heading into an election here in Canada. Our Liberal leader, Dion, will be standing front and centre on an environmental platform and the rest of us will be looking to economic strategy. Dion will loose, then loose the leadership of the Liberal Party and the Liberals will be in the wilderness for 12-24 months. This is really why we are about to have an election. The distraction of the Liberals with a leadership campaign while at the same time facing bankruptcy will permit the Conservatives to govern.

The green shift will get short shrift. First, it is a set of taxes. It will have no real impact on any environmental concern and will, like the GST, simply anger people. The fact that it is based on a complete misunderstanding of climate change - CO2 is not and has never been the primary cause of warming or cooling - is one thing. It is also based on a misunderstanding of economic reality.

Adjusting the green shift to give close to $1 billion in tax credits and rebates does not disguise the fact that it is a cynical tax grab and will make for bigger government. The Canadian public will see through this in seconds.

So, watch this space for ongoing commentary on the election we are about to have.

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