Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Next President of the United States

Barak Obama is running for President in the US. He wont win. Why? He’s too energetic, young, inexperienced and black. Despite the fact that Oprah will back him (with words and dollars), he wont be the nominee. What he will get is the VP nomination on the Edwards ticket – and this will be the ticket on the ballot. What about Hilary you ask. Good question. She will not make the ballot. Powerful, experienced a little (plus 2 for 1 deal with Bill – vote for me get 2 Presidents) and wealthy, she will not make it because she is female, cold and doesn’t have a policy platform.

I bet a friend the other day $100 cash (Canadian) that Giuliani will be the Republican nominee. McCain is so closely identified with the Iraq war push strategy that will have failed by the time the convention is held that he will not recover. He is also old. Other republican candidates are “ah who” my bet goes there. My friend was horrified – she is a US lawyer living here. She knows about Rudolph.

As to who will win, don’t write off the Republicans just because of Bush. He is a dim-wit. A real big honking dim-wit – makes Schwarzenegger look intelligent. But all families have them. When the religious right get going, there question will be who is the most evangelic Christian – its not a party thing, but the answer historically has been republican. With Giuliani – soft on abortion, soft on gays and gay union and a divorcee – it may open up a little, but old loyalties die hard. It will be close. My money is on Edwards to beat Giuliani.

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