Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gordon Ramsey

Chef Gordon Ramsey is Britain’s leading Michelin 3 star chef. A character. A bombast. A superb chef. Our family is interested in Gordon. We have all read his biography, watched several of his UK and US TV shows – Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Boiling Point, The F-Word – and loved them. I really like his campaign to get women cooking again and his commitment to wholesome cooking. His favourite cook is Nigel Slater – simple, honest cooking. He trained with Marco Pierre White, worked in France for a year, was chef to the Australian media magnate Grundy and has spent his life dedicated to cuisine. What is most important, though, is his brutal directness. Many don’t like him because he is very aggressive – but his experience tells him that this is what it takes to get the best out of people and consistency day in day out. He runs several UK restaurants and now has eateries in the US and Dubai. Gordon Ramsey holdings is a multi million dollar company built on the back of this Glasgow lads grind. He deserves all he has. If you get the chance, go onto UK Torrent and download and watch the F-Word. Its great television, lively, fun and informative. Probably the best cooking show on television in the world – makes Rachel Ray look like a puffed up shrimp.

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