Sunday, February 18, 2007

Alberta Ballet

Alberta Ballet performed two works last night. The most amazing was George Balanchine’s choreography of Tchaikovsky Serenade. The woman next to us wept and said “it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen”. Another I spoke to at the intermission said that she had never been to a ballet before, but that this work would bring her back “it was stunning – my senses were awakened”. It is elegant, moving, visually simply remarkable. My admiration for our dancers (I am a member of the Board) was high before I saw this, but this is a most demanding piece – lots of point work. A terrific focus on timing and precision and a lot of high moves. The ending blows me away (I saw it twice this week).

The other work is a new work – a collaboration between our Artistic Director (Jean Grand Maitre) and Joni Mitchell. Nine songs with vivid dance, poignant movement and evocative and lyrical transitions. I though it marvelous.

One of those nights when you know it is the right thing to volunteer to be a Board member of an arts company – one that is doing the right thing.

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