Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oprah Dumbing Down

 Oprah jumped on the wagon today, joined by film star (and occasional Vice President) Al Gore. She has just discovered that the planet is warming. She yet again demonstrates that on this kind of thing, she is basically “thick”. Bright at other things, without a doubt, But give her a science subject, she is just thick. She was just the same with the bird flu. One sign of this was that she asked Gore if he felt like Noah.

Gore basically did his stand up science. Polar bears are drowning because the ice is melting; the north pole is melting and will be gone in (well..not clear); we have just 10 years to act decisively or we will pass the tipping point when we can no longer save the planet.

Oprah has three problems. She is not challenging - this happened before during medieval times, how come the climate change models can predict climate and what is the role of the sun? She is too blindly following and it shows by her fawning. She did have a section on the skeptics (“there has always got to be another side”, she said dismissively) – which was very good. Gore dismissed this in terms of who funded the work of the skeptics.

When it comes to action, it is always so pathetic. Here is what Oprah recommends: (a) change your light bulbs; (b) do an energy audit – programmable thermostats, change the air filter, blanket the hot water heater; (c) buy E85 and buy a car that can run on E85; (d) shop green for appliances with an energy star symbol.

She shouldn’t do these shows. It is so dumbed down stuff – shown by the sudden appearance of DeCaprio. She looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a hunters truck. I know she thinks she is doing the right thing, but by allowing this pseudo-science to go out in this way she just alienates a lot of people. Sure, many will get it for the first time - but it is not great.

Oh, I just remembered. Al Gore invented the internet. Yeah, right.

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