Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Giving Ed Room

Our soon to be Premier - he'll be sworn in tomorrow - held a press conference and announced a major restructuring of Government. From 24 Ministries to 18 with Economic Development, Gaming, Aboriginal Affairs, Community Development, Restructuring & Efficiency (which was about neither), Human Resources & Employment, Innovation & Science all gone.

The key new Ministry is Treasury Board President - a control of spending position. Good thing too - ours is out of control with $1 billion over-spends every year. There are also adjustments to other Departments - Advanced Education gets the I&S role, there's a Ministry for Parks, Recreation and Culture, Energy gets the biofuels and bioenergy portfolio and so on.

Its a good start. Now the next question is WHO - who will get which Ministry's. Lets hope Hancock gets Advanced Education and Technology - its his dream job (well, Premier was, but then..).

We need to lok at the politcal balance - especially any role Morton has and any role Oberg has. These will be key indicators of where the cookie crumbles.

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