Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bed Can Kill

So here's a fact that surprised me. Each year 600 American citizens die from falling out of bed. In fact, falling out of bed is the second largest fatality arising from falls.

Now dont panic. Most of us in our fit fifties simpky roll when we fall. This is especially the case if we are attached to someone at the time. Where death is likely is when the person is frail for other reasons and the fall leads to a major break.

I was worried when I saw this factoid. I mean, I dont fall out of bed often - no more than once a quinquiennia. But when I do, I generally feel better for it. Maybe this was delusional, I thought. Maybe I am really at risk and I am in denial. But on further investigation (there is a sizeable literature) I need to have other factors at play - falling out of bed is the final symptom. Phew..


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