Sunday, September 24, 2006

September Films

The Weatherman – Nicolas Cage in a solid, underplayed performance. Not a great screenplay, but good casting and well made. Not a waste of time, but not a film to go out of the way to see.

The Man Who Was Never There – Billy Bob Thornton in a powerful film noir, Coen brothers movie - murder mystery with James Gandolfini and others. Enjoyable.

Mrs. Harris – Anette Benning (still stunning) and Sir Ben Kingsley in a dreadful account of this well known murder.

The Ice Harvest – another Billy Bob movie with John Cusack. Two guys steal from the mob with consequences. Enjoyable.

Mr Holland’s Opus – second time around, still a good movie.\ - made in 1995. Richard Dreyfus is a skilled and able actor and this is a benchmark performance (as is his performance in Rosencrantz).

The Matador – an interesting little film with Brosnan as a drinking assassin who is partly burned out and who befriends a man who is a marketing guy – a solid story

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