Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hancock for Premier

Dave Hancock is a good choice for Premier of Alberta. He is passionate, intelligent, creative, focused and was probably the best Minister of Advanced Education we have had in a considerable time. Though not brash and glamorous, Dave "gets it". He knows that the future is a challenge and not "God given", knows that there is work to be done and understands this work well - he was key in developing the 20 year strategy for Alberta (which, whatever you think about it, is important - we actually have one!). Read more about what Dave is up to and why he should be supported at his web http://www.davehancockcrew.ca/

I will be working for Dave and pushing the strong line that this is a crucial choice for Alberta - we have 2 years before another election, and he could refocus Government in this time. Whatever happens, he needs to be one of the key influencing voices - the intelligent man's choice.

I would like him to focus on:

  • Our democratic deficit
  • Rethinking our reliance on commodities
  • Reimagining the innovation system
  • Reducing government spending and slimming down government
  • Increasing taxation
  • Reiventing health care and social support systems
There is a lot to do...

Lyle Oberg is another interesting candidate - but I find him weak and wishy washy. Jim Dinning (who I worked with on the non fiscal side of his first two budgets when he was Provincial Treasurer / Finance Minister) is also able and bright, though I dont see many policy statements and he is very busy kissing babies, shaking hands and walking the mile...all key tasks, but I will be voting for imagination, plans and action.

630 CHED puts Dave in the lead....so hey, I could be on a winning team!!

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Duncan said...

Great choice!