Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Pressing Apology

The Spectator is a great (British) magazine, full of comment, reviews and excellent writing. One of its columnists, Taki, is a bit of a wild boy. The Speccie felt a need to apologise for one of his comments. Take a boo -

In his "High Life" column of 4 December 2004 (accidentally reproduced on this website as part of his 11 December 2004 column) Taki wrote that the author Lady Colin Campbell had once been a man who had persuaded her former husband to marry her by passing herself off as a woman. We accept that Lady Colin Campbell is a woman and had no need to pass herself off to her former husband as something she was not. We apologise to Lady Colin Campbell for the distress and embarrassment caused and have agreed to pay her damages and legal costs.

Dont you just love this kind of stuff...

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