Friday, December 16, 2005

Browsing Each Other

There are a lof of internet browsers out there right now - IE, Opera and Firefox all have market share, though IE dominantes with over 86%.

What's interesting about them is that they are becoming mirrors of each other - they copy each others ideas, implement in a slightly different way and then...

One, however, looks like it is very different (or, more accurately, going to be). Its part of a new set of web tools which promote what has come to be known as social networks. With Flock (find it at, guess where - ) you can easily share your favourites, integrate RSS feeds into folders and share these with others, store and share photographs and many other cool things. Flock is onto something - its in beta now and will develop over time, but it will quickly permit social networking as part of the internet browsing experience. Just to make the point, this short blog entry is written in the blog posting tool built into Flock.. the way, another neat thing is video blogging using Vlog - cool. Look it up and try..

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