Friday, November 11, 2005

Condi Rice

I have always found Condi an imaginative, intelligent, interesting, articulate woman. She has real social skills, plays the piano like a professional and can hold her own in a tough conversation. What she sees in President Bush, who knows - but she is bright and capable.

On a recent visit to Canada she was pushed by reporters to comment on the US refusal to pay up the money a NAFTA panel says it owes Canada (some $3b+ ) and she was very firm - first, this is a trade dispute - no big deal - and second come and talk about it, dont just shout over the fence and offer vague threats about switching oil alliances from the US to China. In other words, "grow up". Quite right too.

She has made a sudden and unexpected visit to Iraq - pushing the agenda, working with commandars on the ground and keeping diplomatic lines open. Smart lady. Now if we could get rid of Cheney and Rumsfeldt..

So, I like Condi - think she has much to offer. Whether the US is ready for a woman as President, who know (though Gena Davies is softening them up with her new TV series, which is very well done). She'd get my vote. Posted by Picasa

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