Sunday, September 11, 2005


When I got married, we had a stag night which was basically six guys out at a pub (in my case, the Kings Arms on Emm Lane, Heaton opposite the school I went to), getting p'eyed and becoming more and more morose as the evening went on. The bad news about my stag was that it was the night before the wedding - we got married on a Sunday - and people in the pub, realising that I was about to get hitched, kept adding shooters to the beer. The short and even shorter of this is that I was being walked around a field near home at 5.30am in the morning by my best man, Peter Sherlock, in the hope of sobering me up for the wedding later that day.

My son James stag - 35 years after mine - was an altogether bolder affair. It began with Paint Balling at Gibbons (Alberta), which was great fun. 8 of us teamed up for this, my first experience of this gaming activity, and we all agreed it was a great few hours.

Then on to the Black Dog on Whyte Avenue for a few pre dinner drinks. Then a five course meal at Packrat Louies - lemon pizzas and a trout platter, duck confit salad, rabbit a la Loire, Beef Bourgogne, Creme Caramel - and excellent it was too. There were about 14 of us, and it was a very nice, quiet evening. Well..

Until, that is, James was given his task list. Here it is:

  • Secure a pair of panties from a member of the female species (comprimise we accepted was a bra from one of the Packrat team - no, it wasn't Peter)
  • Secure a phone number from a girl (done)
  • Get a kiss from a woman older than his mother
  • Drink a shot with all of his mates (Packrat supplied a shot for all of us - Tequila with Lime, though Glyn had to drink James' - see below)
  • Needs to dance with two girls at the same time
  • Needs to go up to the hottest girl at the bar and get "dissed" (I think he may have misread dissed...see below)
  • Do a hooter shooter (no, not a shot taken from between a bar tenders bosoms, but 1.5 of Vodka, 1.5 of Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice and 1 dash of Raspberry Liquor, ice, shake..)

Sounds pretty straightforward to me, and much better than Colin who had to wear a wedding dress for the day of his stag and the next day (a normal work day at the office - fortunately he is a lawyer, so no one saw anything odd about it at all). Sadly, however, James pegged out at around 11pm - couldn't hold the drink, did some pavement pizza and was transported home by laser beam (a.k.a. as taxi). Glyn and I, as the Murgatroyds, had to cover. I managed to get dissed.. not sure how Glyn is doing on the rest of the list!

So imagine this - my oldest son isnt there at the end of the stag, but I am! Is this a record I ask?

By the way, I strongly recommend paintballing as a team building activity - fun, element of danger, strategy needed to win, bruises give evidence of bonding.


Lena said...

Sounds like a good time had by all....although I'm quite disappointed James did not get to have his 'hooter shooter'. There should be a stag redemption night so James can make me proud.

the bride-to-be

Susan Wasson said...

This is hilarious! I'm happy that everyone had so much fun (assuming James enjoyed himself too). I can't stop laughing ;-)
See you all at the wedding!