Saturday, August 13, 2005

en France

So, despite the best efforts of the TGWU union in Britain, we managed to get back from Paris, via Birmingham and Heathrow, Vancouver and stations west to Edmonton after spending 12 days in Bayeux and Normandy. What a nice place.

We had the privilege of staying in Professor Michael Apter and Dr Mitzi Desselles place in Bayeux. Built in 1740 (or thereabouts), it is a former palatial residence / boarding school and now a set of elegant apartments.

The region itself is lovely, with a long history of apples, Calvados, mussels and seafood, D-Day landings, and a well known tapestry, which is exquisite.

Read several books, including On Rue Tatin - an account of a chef moving from the US to Louvier (nr Paris) and opening a cooking we popped in...

Also saw the cathedrals at Rouen, Bayeux, Louvier and St Michel.

Beeches (Juno, Gold, Omaha) from the D Day landings...

A good time was had by all. Now back to my new life as a journalist, writer and management consultant.

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