Friday, July 22, 2005

On the Road..

For thirty years I have been travelling - first in the UK, then in Europe and then throughout North America, India, Africa and Asia. My father travelled rarely, except for the War. In his last days he went to Malta, and loved it. In fact his last holiday the week before he died was in Malta.

But as one gets older, it gets to be more of a pain. The flight - Air Canada ("we're not happy till you're not happy" is their motto) have stopped serving food between Edmonton and Ottawa (3.5 hours). The baggage handlers are slower than ever and dont bother in Ottawa indicating which of the two hoppers your luggage will come out of. Taxi drivers are no fun, mainly since they dont speak English, dont know where they are going and dont help. But I could go on..

What is intersting is that I know how to use my travel time. Thanks to the iPod, I have fantastic musical choices (+ audio books, comedy etc), I had some interesting magazines - a very interesting piece on how cancer research is basically going down a blind ally - and I had some writing to do.

I am Ottawa for a few days and then over to the UK - assuming its still there. Then France - Bayeux (tapestries and things..)

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