Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Britain, Votes and Poles

Britain is voting for Gordon Brown despite the fact that the young Pretender, Tony Bliar remains Prime Minister for sometime. The Spectator last wek made this clear as did the TV ad I managed to see in Jamaica in which Gordon and Tony were meant to be portrayed as a team working together. Looked more like Tony being interviewed by a retirement counsellor who himself smirked his way through the show.

The vote is rigged (I love the idea, again from The Spectator, that we should ask Mugabe and his colleagues to oversee the election) with many postal ballots now being used to replace the ballot box of old. A court ruled recently that the postal ballot fraud in Birmingham was so substantial as to cast doubt on the validity of this form of voting as currently practiced.

Anyway, Labour will win. Blair will then campaign for the EU Constitution referendum and lose and Gordon will replace him. There endeth any real politics in Britain.

What there will be is more taxes, more spending but he will blame his successor as Chancellor - probably Peter Hain - for the failure of the economy.

Meanwhile, the Tory party will replace Michael Howard when he loses and look to some fresh faces. Another decade in the wilderness.

The only winner will be the Liberals, whose leader - Charles Kennedy - managed to produce a son in the first week of the election (just think what he could do with real power). They will pick up seats, strengthen their position and start to champion more spending and taxing policies.

So where are the sane ones ?

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