Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dr Phil Meets the Osbornes

Next Monday, Dr Phil meets the Obsorne's at their home and does some family therapy. Brave man.

Dr Phil is a great money machine. I am sure he is sincere, but he is an effective marketer and salesman. His diet stuff, his new work on families and his basic work on self-respect is all fine and very American. He'll probably last another 2-3 years and then give up. Meanwhile, he'll have done very well.

He did very well before in his other business (which he still has) which is a jury selection and analysis business. This is how he met Oprah when she was put on trial by the Texas Cattlemen and Dr Phil was her jury consultant. She liked him a lot and had him on her show a couple of times, and then she bankrolled his own show.

As a psychologist he is very American - behavioural and cognitive stuff. His strength is that he is a powerful sound bite communicator.

I made a TV program on encounter groups, which included footage of me leading one. It came with a BBC warning!

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