Monday, February 14, 2005


Enjoyable meal with our sons and their ladies - mussel's in Thai sauce, beef roast and veg, home made banana ice cream (very good indeed).

Vegetables are a problem this time of the year, so I roast a lot. Green beans with walnuts and shallots roasted with paprika and oregano; brussel sprouts and potato roasted with fennel seeds, shallots and pine nuts. Both take around 40 minutes in a hot (375 degree) oven, but the extra work is worth it. Otherwise its ordinary. (Went to the farmers market looking for good veg, but not much around).

Nasty rumour that Billingsgate Fish Market here in Edmonton is experiencing financial difficulties and may close. We were there the other day and noted that their stock was low. Their wholesale business is causing the problem - competition. It will be sad if we lose this.

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