Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Queen, Governments and Gravy

So, the Queen has decided that she is unable to attend the wedding of her son Charles, heir to the throne (probably taking the title George) and Camilla Parker Bowles.

This wedding is turning into "I am a Monarch, Get me Out of Here" like farce. First, they couldn't use Windsor Castle because of the law; then there are issues about the legality of the wedding itself under the Royal Marriages Act; then some in the Church of England have argued that they cannot be a legitimate church blessing after the service. Its enough to make you want to elope.
The royal family is a seriously dysfunctional one (I used to be a family therapist and I wrote a book once on Families in Crisis) - and this wedding is a direct symbol of this.

Today I spent my time trying to influence, through others, the work of the Government of Alberta. Which is rather like saying I asked Mount Everest to move 23cm to the right by playing a mouth organ and tap dancing. (There is a famous Kurt Vonnegut story of a man from another planet coming to earth to warn people about their doomed future, but he could only communicate by tap dancing and farting - hence, no one really took him that seriously - and all that he was telling them was actually true, eventually!). I am sure things will happen that will be positive for the university sector, but it will be wasteful and more complicated than it needs to be.

Rather like making good gravy, which is an art and skill which few possess. This became clear to me today at the University of Alberta Faculty Club, which serves the most dreadful muck and claims that it is a meal. What they cant do is gravy.

One more thing, it seems to me rather strange that our Queen (she is the Queen of Canada too you know) wouldn't be at the wedding, even if she cant go as Queen of England, Scotland, Ulster and Wales. Maybe she needs some gravy..

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