Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Other Stephen Murgatroyd's

Have you ever wondered what your name-sakes are up to ? I am off work, ill (see earlier blog) and trying to find something to do which doesn't require concentration or decisions, so I decided to see what other Stephen Murgatroyd's around the world are up to.

Stephen Murgatroyd of Doncaster Avenue, Thornhill Ontario is busy teaching dance classes at Viva Dance. Salsa, Tango and all that kind of thing. My two left feet on the dance floor disqualify me from this endeavour. I wish Stephen the best of luck.

Stephen Murgatroyd of Otley, Yorkshire (where I used to work by the way) is a craftsman tools specialist - selling and making such tools. Never met him when I was in Otley every week, but I wish him well.

Stephen Murgatroyd lost his submission fighting match in the UK (martial arts) against Lee Bowman, when they met recently - it was a close fight, by all accounts, the results being decided by judges. (Interestingly, in the same match Mark Jowett fought - Jowett is Lynne's maiden name and the middle name of our eldest son).

Stephen Murgatroyd is busy at his dental practice with his wife Margaret. The practice is in St.Agnes in Cornwall (in York House).

Stephen Murgatroyd is busy organizing and promoting events for the FinSig Group - a computer group for financial services. The group, based in the UK, meets in London. He has also been contributing the the Requirenautics Engineering Quarterly of the British Computing Society (mainly comments in an open debate) and offering reviews of books that link cognition and ergonomics to computing.

Stephen Murgatroyd is a busy primary teacher in Thailand, working on book week. Part of this work involves him being a Poetry Policeman, who has the right to arrest pupils who are not carrying a poem on their person (seems reasonable to me).

Mr Stephen Murgatroyd, a Freelance Effects Editor, be appointed as an Honorary Lecturer in the School of Television & Imaging at the University of Dundee.

(In pursuing this amusement, I came on a listing of the most famous counselling psychologists in the history of the profession - Freud, Jung, Rollo May, Ferenzi, Rogers etc and, yes, Stephen Murgatroyd (me in this case)).

I hope all of my namesakes are well and enjoying the world. It is an interesting place.

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