Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Middle East

Sometime ago I had a call from a UK based recruitment agency asking if I was interested in becoming Chancellor of a University in the Middle East. Having answered the obvious two questions - how safe is it and what's the money - I now find myself flying to Seattle to meet the crew and see where this will take us. They are exploring opportunuties and I rate my chances slightly above nil.

Nonetheless, it is flattering. Indeed, exciting. We have friends not far away in Charga and they have built their retirement nest egg there. Not surprising given that there is no income tax, living expenses are found and they pay for a trip abroad each year.

But I am philosophical. Lynne always said she wanted to go somewhere warm, but this is silly.
Still, we'll see.

What is also interesting here is the speed at which we are working. The approach was just before Xmas. Its now 15th Feb - all of a sudden its urgent.

Still, I get to go to Seattle and be close to the water...cant be bad, just for a day though..

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